Getting Mobile Call Recording RightWith the FSA requirement date for call recording of mobiles just around the corner, Comms Business talks to Oak Telecom and Voxsmart about how they have teamed up to provide a solution that works! Read More
Beginners Guide to Communications ManagementCommunications Management, which includes Call Reporting, is not a new concept, yet one that many people have never explored to its full potential. Today Communications Management can deliver significant business benefits, irrespective of business size or industry sector. Read More
Beginners Guide to Call RecordingThe market for Call Recording is growing at a double digit rate and there are three principal reasons for this. Read More
recordX receives a well-deserved Award!It's official, recordX Call Recording has been awarded the "Most Innovative Channel Software" award at the 2011 Comms Business Awards, the telecoms industry most acclaimed, credible and well supported awards. Read More
Call Recording RegulationsCall Recording regulations are changing all the time; with recordX from Oak you can always be safe in the knowledge that your business is fully compliant. Read More
Oak's New IVR Payment Solution Makes PCI Compliance Easy

Oak Innovation has launched PaymentAssist, an intelligent cloud IVR payment system that helps contact centres securely process card payments in line with PCI DSS regulations.

Digital Transformation Blog 07: Bring Your Data to Life!

As individuals, we have experiences with many brands every day. Sometimes those are good experiences and sometimes they aren't. But all these experiences add up to determine how we feel about companies and whether we'll keep giving them our business.

Digital Transformation Blog 06: Agile Customer Excellence

When Apple released the first iPhone ten years ago it set into motion a cycle of innovation and transformation that has touched nearly every business in the world in some way or another.

Digital Transformation Blog 05: The Business Benefits of CX

The profile of Customer Experience (CX) has risen rapidly in recent years. It is now accepted business wisdom that good CX provides competitive advantage and with that has come widespread support for projects that target improved performance through a CX approach.

Oak Launches New GDPR Advanced Feature Pack For RecordX

Oak Innovation is pleased to announce a new feature pack for the RecordX call recorder to simplify management of General Protection Data Regulation (GDPR) that comes into force on 25 May 2018.

Oak Innovation Continues a Rich History of Quality Certification

Oak Innovation is pleased to announce that we are now certified to the latest ISO 9001:2015 standard. The assessor recognised that we have embraced the standard and come up with innovative new ideas to take quality to the next level. This continues our rich history of quality certification extending over 17 years.

Digital Transformation Blog 04: CX - What Do I Need

One of the most common questions 'C' level executives face when confronting Digital Transformation (DX) and placing customers at the top of the boardroom agenda is 'What do I need to make this happen?'

GDPR - Are You Ready?

With GDPR going live on 25th May 2018, organisations are reviewing customer data management procedures.

Oak broadens CRM integration capabilities with ConnectX

In response to increasing demand for customer experience and digital transformation solutions, the latest release of ConnectX broadens Oak's integration capability to support 100's of Customer Relationship Management and customer databases.

Digital Transformation Blog 03: Getting Everyone on the Same Bus

Enterprises across the globe face many challenges on a day to day basis and earlier we outlined how many organisations are reacting to the threat posed by 'disruptors' emerging in their own sector by undertaking a Digital Transformation (DX) and placing focus on users and Customer Service Excellence (CX).

Customer Experience - How to clone your best agents

Within most contact centre environments there are one or two stand out members of the team. They understand your organisation, products and services. They’ve developed and perfected techniques for dealing with common call scenarios and can think on their feet when there’s an exception. If only we could clone our contact centre stars to deliver a consistently high level of service.

Digital Transformation Blog 02: Nothing Stands Still in Business

Enterprises across the globe face many challenges on a day to day basis and earlier we outlined how many organisations are reacting to the threat posed by 'disruptors' emerging in their own sector by undertaking a Digital Transformation (DX).

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